Serving  Virginia inside the Beltway,
all of Alexandria and Alexandria City
"I have been using Mermaid for over 5 years. They have always done a good job and are a good value for the price paid. I have never had a reason to look into changing companies. Beth is always very responsive." - Angie's List, Aug. 11, 2013

"Local, very responsive

and reliable."

- Washington Consumer's

    Checkbook, Sept. 5, 2013

"A satisfied 4 year  

customer of Mermaid."

- Washington Consumer's Checkbook, Aug. 20, 2013

      "Mermaid has been my cleaning service

  for 10 years. They are trustworthy and provide good service. The management will work with you about your current needs and are very pleasant and flexible. I rate them very highly and enjoy my experience with them."

        - Yellowbot.com, Sept. 17, 2008

"Can't say enough great things about

this company--the ownership and cleaning staff.

I've been using them for over 2 years and they don't    disappoint. They clean well, are reliable, honest,

  and trustworthy. Also very flexible about  

  accommodating changes to my schedule."

     - Washington Consumer's

        Checkbook, Jan 18, 2011

"In 2009, I selected Mermaid Inc to clean my North Arlington

home based on its high ratings in Consumers CheckBook. Excellent choice!

After three years I can say without reservation that its services are outstanding

and its price reasonable. I like to support local, small businesses, and

Mermaid Inc is a classic small business. Beth, the sole owner and manager, struck me as professional, thorough, and genuinely nice when I first met her in 2009. Today (12/12/2012) I learned by chance that Beth has two adopted daughters (now 16 & 20). I know from experience that people who adopt usually have a caring spirit, a kind disposition, and a big heart. So, my first impression of Beth in 2009 was on target. Her native language is American English; she is also fluent in Spanish. She is a good businesswoman. I highly recommend Mermaid Inc."

               - Superpages.com, Dec. 12, 2012

"Mermaid Inc. has been my housekeeping service for many years. 

Two Mermaid employees clean my one-bedroom condo twice a month. 

While my place is small, I've never been fond of cleaning my place, especially the bathroom and kitchen, so I hired Mermaid Inc. to do the job.  The Mermaid staff is punctual and cleans my place on my schedule.  The staff is friendly and hard working, and my place has a fresh, clean look and feel to it after they're done.  Beth, the company owner, is helpful and flexible, and will reschedule visits to accommodate vacations and holidays.  I highly recommend Mermaid, Inc. for housecleaning services."

              - Angie's List, Dec. 19, 2012


office and house cleaning

"I have been using Mermaid for over 5 years.  They have always done a good job and are a good value for the price paid. I have never had a reason to look into changing companies.  Beth is always very responsive."

- Angie's List, Aug. 11, 2013

Why didn't I do this years ago?? I'm 81 and didn't realize how professional cleaning would make my life much easier. At my age I didn't realize the spots I was missing. I look forward to my visit with the "Mermaid".Type your paragraph here.

-​Yelp , Nov. 4, 2014